Text Messaging Rules

Saga Communications of NE, LLC General Text Messaging Rules and Guidelines
Official Guidelines as of: December 14, 2009; updated August 30, 2010

General Program Description

Saga Communications of New England, LLC, is the licensee for four radio stations: 95.7 WZID, 96.5 The Mill, 94.1/103.1 Hot Hits, and AM 1370 WFEA. These rules apply to the text messaging program affected by any of these stations (collectively referred to herein as the Stations). The Stations’ text messaging program is intended to provide listeners with the ability to contact the Stations via text messages from their cellular telephones with the intent of entering contests. Doing so will enter the listener’s cell phone number into a data base that the Stations will use to send information to listeners via text message. Such information may include information on contests or deals, or news, weather, or traffic updates). All messages sent to and from the Stations are identified by the short code, 77000. The Stations’ text message data bases will only include the cell phone numbers of listeners who have entered contests. No other personally identifiable information will be included in the texting data base, though the Stations will need each winner’s name, address, and birthday to fulfill a contest and award the prize.

Messages sent from the Stations will be to encourage entry for a contest, thank the entrant for entering a contest, notify the winner, or to provide information. Messages may be sponsored and contain a sponsor message. Whether a listener is sending a message to the Stations or receiving a message from the Stations, standard text message rates apply.

Listeners can opt out of messaging by texting a message to 77000 containing the word “stop;” alternatively, listeners can request to be deleted from the data base by providing their cell phone number and emailing it to the appropriate station’s promotions department: promotions@wzid.com, promo@965themill.com, or promo@hothitsnh.com. If a listener opts out and subsequently texts the Stations to enter a contest, the listener will have to opt out again.

Listeners can send text messages to the Stations and participate in various activities by including specific keywords in their messages sent to the Stations. These specific messages are tied to the specific contest and can change from time to time. Keywords will be announced on-air and/or on the website and/or in the station’s email blast sent to those signed up to receive it and/or texted to those signed up to receive texts.

Contesting keywords will enter the listener in a contest. An example of the use of this Keyword type might be texting the word “Dunkin” to short code 77000 to enter to win a Dunkin Donuts gift card.

General Contest Rules

1.      For any and all contests with text-message based entry, entrants will be asked through on-air announcements, or via web, or texted message, or emailed message, to provide certain information via a text message submission to 77000.  Text message entries must meet all requirements set forth in order to be eligible.  Winners will be determined in accordance with the criteria set forth in the message in which entries were solicited, and in accordance with general rules set forth here.

2.      Text message-based entry into any contest is subject to the on-air contest rules (generic and specific to the contest), generic contest rules, written contest rules applicable specifically to the contest, if any, and the Privacy Policy.  The foregoing policies can be obtained at www.wzid.com, www.965themill.com, www.wfea1370.com or www.hothitsnh.com. Copies can also be obtained at the Stations’ office, 500 N. Commercial Street, 5th Floor, Manchester, NH 03101.

3.      Unless otherwise specified, must be 18 or older as of the start date of the contest to enter or win.

4.      After the Station contacts the winner via phone and/or text message, the winner will have 24 hours to contact the Station to make arrangements to claim the prize. The Station will contact the winner at least twice during the 24 hours. If the winner does not claim the prize within 24 hours of the Station’s initial contact, the winner will forfeit the prize, no alternative prize will be substituted, and a new winner will be contacted to win the prize.

5.      For texting contests, one entry per phone will be permitted, unless otherwise specified, and the phone owner is permitted to win only one prize every 30 days.

6.      Decisions of the Stations’ management are final. Such decisions may include, but are not limited to, whether an entry adheres to the entry criteria, the time of entry receipt by the Stations’, the order in which text message entries are received, the eligibility of the entrant, and, in the event entry requires the submission of an answer or response, whether that answer or response is correct. Eligibility requirements are outlined in the each radio station’s generic rules, and, rules specific to the contest.

7.      The Stations will not require the payment of an additional fee to enter any contest in which the means of entry is the submission of a text message.  Standard text messaging rates, as established by an individual’s wireless carrier, will apply, and the Stations assume no responsibility for any fees or charges incurred for and associated with any text message sent to or from the Stations. By participating in the contest, entrants agree that the Stations may contact them, via phone or text message, at the telephone number from which the text message entry was received. Any and all fees arising out of the transmission of a text message shall be the sole responsibility of the entrant.

8.      By participating in a contest in which text message-based entry is permitted, entrants acknowledge that text messages are distributed and delivered through third party providers; the Stations do not guarantee, and shall not be responsible for, the delivery or timeliness of any text message entry.  The Stations will at all times consider the time that a message is logged as arriving in its system as being the time of entry, regardless of the time at which the entrant attempted to send the entry and any technical problems or other complications that may have delayed its delivery. The Stations, through its third party text messaging administrators, will store all messages received on its system.

9.      The Stations are not responsible for service outages, message failures, transmission delays or any other factor affecting the availability or performance of the text messaging service.  The Stations further reserve the right to cancel, terminate or modify the contest if, in the sole discretion of the Stations, it is impossible or impractical to complete the contest as planned for any reason, including, but not limited to, infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention or technical failures of any sort.

10. The Stations, in its sole discretion, reserve the right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process or who is otherwise in violation of the rules.  If the Stations determine that any entry contains false, misleading or fraudulent information, such entry will be disqualified.  The Stations may require, on request, proof of identity as to the rightful owner of the phone number from which the text message entry was sent. The Stations reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any entry if that entry’s source and sender cannot be reasonably determined.


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